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Bricklayer Labourer


The primary role of a Bricklayers’ Labourer (sometimes referred to as a Hod Carrier) is to assist Bricklayers onsite. Projects can vary from refurbishments to complete new builds.

The duties of a Bricklayers’ Labourer may include:

  • Heavy lifting of materials
  • Tidying and maintaining site
  • Building or repairing brick walls
  • Measuring and preparing the area
  • Mixing mortar
  • Other ad-hoc duties to help bricklayers where required


The average hours for a Bricklayers’ Labourer can vary depending on the business and the individual contract. Hours may be anywhere between 37 and 60 per week.

Typical Hourly Rate

Hourly rate will differ depending on the contract and your experience. The typical hourly rate for a Bricklayers Labourer is £11 - £15 per hour.

Required Qualifications

You will be required to hold a CSCS card in order to gain entry to site. You will likely be required to hold the ‘Labourer’ card.

You may also need to hold a full UK Driving Licence.

Required Tools

As a self-employed Bricklayers’ Labourer you will need to provide your own PPE and tools.

Some of the tools you may be required to have are:

  • A comprehensive set of trowels
  • Hawk board
  • Spirit level
  • Plumb line
  • Lump or club hammer
  • Bolster
  • Cold chisel

You may also need to provide your own transport, depending on the contract.


  • Do I need experience?

    Yes, you will need at least 1 year of experience working alongside bricklayers.

  • Do I need a CSCS card?

    Yes. It is unlikely that you will be allowed access to site without one.

  • Do I have to provide my own tools?

    Yes, you may be required to own all your own tools. Materials will be supplied by the employer.

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