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Construction Industry Myths

Published on 4th February 2015

Courtesy of the Born to Build website, we bring you the top construction industry myths….

Construction industry mythsWorking in construction means manual labour out in the cold.
There are lots of different jobs in construction - including design, digital and office based roles.

Working in construction is dangerous and bad for your health.
The UK construction industry is the safest in Europe. Worker health and safety is the most important priority every day.

Construction is a dirty industry that’s bad for the environment.
Sustainability is a big focus for the construction industry. Modern buildings are all designed to be environmentally friendly.

Only men work in construction.
Almost 300,000 women work in construction in the UK across a variety of professions and more are joining the sector every day.

The industry is dominated by ‘cowboy builders’.
UKCG members represent large construction companies working on contracts worth billions of pounds - there’s nothing
‘cowboy’ about that!

I did well at school so the industry isn’t for me?
There are lots of opportunities for successful, well-paid careers in construction. Project managing a multi-million pound
development takes a lot of skill and ability!

Construction sites are disruptive to local communities.
Construction projects are what develop our communities and the way we live, whether that’s a new hospital, school, housing development or bridge.

Construction is old-fashioned and very traditional.
Construction develops and uses some of the latest technology including computer gaming technology, complex computer modelling programmes and even nanotechnology.

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