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Opening Doors to the Construction Industry

Published on 22nd January 2015

With 43% of the UK construction workforce aged 45+, and a shortage of skilled trades, it is imperative to encourage more young people to consider jobs in, what is, a very diverse industry.

Born to Build - Opening Doors to the Construction IndustryAs a company that supplies both temporary labour and permanent staff to clients running construction projects throughout the UK, Kalcrest are more than aware of the potential consequences if the workforce is not constantly replenished with new blood.

Jo Hurley, Director of Kalcrest, said: “We have actually seen an increase each year of under 21s registering with us, however we, and the industry as a whole, still need more young people to come on board to ensure the current skills shortage doesn’t continue to worsen.

It’s therefore encouraging to know that organisations such as Born to Build are actively campaigning to educate students on the many different roles within construction, and the benefits of a career in the industry.”

Born to Build was developed by the UK Contractors Group with a purpose to ‘shout louder’ about the construction industry as a careers option. UKCG Director Stephen Ratcliffe said: “Attracting and retaining talent is the construction industry’s biggest challenge today. The sector needs to recruit 182,000 new workers over the next five years if we are to deliver forecast sector growth and the resulting benefits to the UK economy.

And we have to compete with an array of great career opportunities in other sectors of the economy. So the construction industry needs to shout louder about what we can offer. This is what our campaign will do.”

One element of the campaign is the now annual ‘Open Doors Weekend’ which gives people the opportunity to visit a real life construction site at hundreds of live construction projects across the UK. This year the weekend takes place 6-7 March 2015 and you can register your interest here.

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